Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zoos and Swings and Flamingos...oh my!

Some days you just need to get outside.  We've had lousy weather here for a few weeks and today was finally sunny (mostly) and not insanely cold, so we had to take advantage and took Baby Knives to our local zoo and park.  The zoo is great, it's free and the park is really big so you don't feel crammed in with other people around.  We actually took a bunch of our wedding photos at the park, it's kind of weird being there again with Baby Knives!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Extremely Un-Valentine's Day (ACHOO!)

Valentine's Day.  A day we set aside to show those we love just how much we love them with special dinners, gifts or even just being able to spend time with one another.

How are we celebrating this year?  With monstrous head colds and teething all around...well, the teething is mostly just on Baby Knives, but the head colds are a family affair.  Here I sit, feeling less-than-romantic, in my sweats praying that the tylenol kicks in and Baby Knives will take a good nap while my husband works until at least 7:30pm tonight.  Curse the medical field.


Small pity party.

However, there is a slightly happier perspective...we still exchanged gifts and I love mine!  It's a TARDIS necklace and definitely one of my favorite gifts.

With my husband's schedule and our seven-month-old demanding 100% or more of our attention when we are together, it's hard to find time just for us most workdays.  One of the things we really enjoy, and have enjoyed since we were in college, is finding great shows or movies and watching them together.  It sounds simple and a little zone-y...but when you're exhausted from a day at work and a day wrangling a baby while working from home, sometimes all you want to do is sit on the couch with each other, eat some tasty food and watch something you both enjoy.

Doctor Who is our current obsession.  I only have one have we never gotten into this show before?!?!  It's fantastic and completely up both of our alleys (that sounds weird...), but we only started watching it in December of last year and are already planning on going back and starting to watch the originals that began back in 1963 - talk about a long-running series!

But I digress.

Valentine's Day.  We've basically decided to celebrate it next weekend, when I have the energy to cool the special meal and dessert I had been planning and when the amount of snot in our household has abated to a much more acceptable level.  Still, we couldn't wait to exchange gifts.  Even Baby Knives got in on it!

Her gift to her daddy was a mug with her photos on it and a message, "Daddy, you'll always be my first valentine." and in the end, she decided she'd rather chew on it herself.  What else would you expect from a child, right?

So to those of you untouched by the plague that is the common cold, enjoy your celebrations.  We have big plans to sit in our sweats, blow our noses and ply ourselves with hot tea and cold meds.  Happy Valentine's Day indeed.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Musical Baby

Those of you who know me and are familiar with my family know that my husband is a musician.  He has a great voice and plays the guitar and heads up a band: "A-Train & The Outlaws".  His brother and sister are both musical too, his brother is also in a band: "The Pig Merchants" with their brother-from-another-mother up in PA. 

While I don't do much musically now, I was brought up singing and loving music, so Baby Knives has a pretty strong musical background coded into her genes.

The video below displays her lung-developing prowess...God help us when she can actually form words and lyrics - we may need soundproofing!