Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Friday, August 27, 2010

Syllabus Shock

God has been slowly and patiently teaching me an incredibly valuable lesson this year, mostly unbeknownst to me until the past few weeks, when a light bulb finally appeared above my head and I just GOT it.

Do you remember being a college student and on that first day of class at the beginning of the semester, professors would drop a 50 lb. syllabus in your lap and outline the seemingly insane amount of work you would be expected to accomplish by the end of the course?

Yes. I was the kid in the back quietly freaking out, firmly caught in the grips of syllabus shock. What I always seemed to forget in those slightly terrifying moments of staring down the future list of things I would be expected to do, be and excel at is that the same professor who was busy scaring me with an over-bloated syllabus was also promising to guide and teach me the skills and knowledge I would need to accomplish those things! I wasn't expected to already be an expert on all the material in the syllabus, that wasn't the point.

God has been slowly and surely guiding me to the same conclusion about my life. In the face of so much change, all good growth in my life, but at times still overwhelming change - He has been quietly reminding me that He will be there every step of the way, at every "quiz", "midterm" and even the "final exam" to teach me everything I need to know. It has been so easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of being a wife, a mother, deciding where to take my professional life next, starting my own publishing company...but why be paralyzed by uncertainty in the face of the bullet points of my own syllabus? The Great Professor (yes, I understand that the metaphor might be a teensy bit cheesy, but I love it anyway) is there with me, always teaching me what I'll need to reach the next step.

And I thank Him every day for His presence, because how in the world would I begin to figure out how to do all of this...all of my who I want to be, who my family deserves to have with out Him?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Very First...

LEGO Build! That's right, my fiance's dastardly plan has finally worked...I'm hooked on LEGO. It's always been a fun thing to do, but I never really got into building until after I read Jonathan Bender's book: Lego, A Love Story. It's a fantastic memoir and I actually identified with his wife on more than one occasion (i.e. her perspective on how babies and "grown up" LEGO bricks shouldn't really mix).

Aaron and I are going to BrickFair LEGO Fan Festival this Saturday and I am so excited! It'll be so much fun watching him freak out over all the amazing LEGO builds and I'm excited to see what I can find that really interests me there too. Right now I really love the Atlantis sets. They speak to the little kid inside who has always been a lover of the ocean and really any kind of water adventure...think Little Mermaid crossed with 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and you've got a 9-year-old version of me!

My very first LEGO build was super-tiny but I did it all myself and it was the first piece of Atlantis we bought. It's this little squid guy evil character and took me about 10 minutes, but it's all mine!

And so what did we do today? Went to Toys R Us of buy more LEGO sets! This is the one that I'm building...its a pretty big jump from what I did last night!

Wish me luck!