Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Monday, January 24, 2011

At A Loss...

There are only so many times you can tell yourself "this situation isn't permanent" or "things will get better" or "something HAS to give, right?" before it just doesn't work anymore.

Most of you know the struggles we've been having since Aaron was laid off in June of 2010, but lately it seems as if the hits just keep on coming. We barely have time to pick ourselves up before something else gets lobbed at us.
Last week's hits were:
  1. Aaron got jury duty...for the ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH and since he isn't working a full time job, he doesn't get reimbursed for hours wasted sitting in a courthouse when he could be working the few shifts he gets each month.
  2. The allergist finally figured out (he thinks) what has been making me so miserable for 6+ months and put me on an antibiotic...which costs $184 since my insurance only covers 20% of prescription costs.
  3. We hit a deer. REALLY?! On the way home from small groups. REALLY?! Oh and we don't have comprehensive coverage on our 10+ year old car so we're on the hook for the repair costs ourselves. REALLY?!
I'm not at a pity-party point...I'm about 4 months past that, right now we're just at a complete loss over what to do. It seems every time we get a little good news or a possibility of Aaron getting full time hours ANYWHERE it falls through or is massively overshadowed by horrifying news. Completely at a loss...we didn't even have the energy to really get upset over the whole deer vs. car thing - it was more of a "well, yeah. of course that happened to us right now." kind of moment. And I know people who are suffering too, many dealing with worse things than we are. I'm not saying that we are the most unfortunate people on the planet...far from it! We have so much we can truly be thankful for (that our marriage is strong enough to function throughout this is a big one!), but I just don't know how to weather this. We're so defeated, discouraged and just feeling beat up.
So if you can, please pray for us - we just have no idea where to turn and what to try next.

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