Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Herb Fail

I offer up this sad little photo as proof of my ever-blackening green thumb. These herbs WERE basil and sage. To be honest, they really were doing pretty well (not thriving) and producing some fresh leaves I could use in a lot of dishes this summer...

Then the rain came.

If you live in the Salisbury, MD area you know how much insane torrential rain we got last week! My poor little guys just gave up and now the basil mostly looks like black sticks with a few tiny leaves and the sage is about half as tall as it was!


Maybe I should leave the herb-growing up to the farmers selling them at the markets this summer! I so crave having a giant her garden like, well, HER - but I know that is not going to happen...especially since we live in an apartment! However, I dream of having at least a few good sized boxes of thriving herbs growing on our balcony next year...anyone who can give me tips on how to make that happen will be elevated to beloved status in my heart.

Do you garden? If you do, what has been your greatest success? I'd love to know!

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