Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Friday, August 2, 2013

Vacation Days

We were missing my husband's brother and his family, but hopefully they can make it next year!
Last week we went on our first family vacation since Baby Knives was born.  To be honest, we  haven't done a lot of vacationing ourselves due to my husband's crazy work schedule in the medical field, so this was a rare treat.

Every summer my in-laws rent a house on the beach for a week and invite their kids and respective families to come for however many days they can.  We were able to make it from Thurs-Sun this year and hopefully can stay longer next year.  This year the house was in Southern Shores, NC and it was absolutely beautiful.  We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather while we we were there.  We got to enjoy each others company, the beach and a few local restaurants.  Next year we hope we can do more sightseeing and introduce Baby Knives to some of our favorite spots in the Kittyhawk area.  Pretty sure she'll be a big kite fan!

Baby Knives had never seen the ocean before and she greeted it with her usual calm demeanor and would have happily sat on her Mimi's lap letting the waves splash their legs all day long.  I credit her sleeping well the entire trip to her cousins and the beach wearing her out each day!  I can't wait to take her next year when she'll be running all over the sand, it'll be insane but a ton of fun.

Below are a few of our favorite snapshots of our mini-vacation (so thankful we bought a portable DVD player for Baby Knives before we left, it made the 4 hour drive bearable!)

The view from our beachhouse

Baby Knives taking a break from the waves with Mimi & Poppy

Family pic!

Taking on the waves for the first time

She could have done this all day long!

Beach towel playtime with her cousin Lilly

Her cousin, Lance, the surfer dude at age 4 1/2

Not too sure about putting her feet down in the sand!

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