Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

...and never going back to the dollar store

Ok, so I was doing a "good deed" for my sister and stopping at the dollar store on the way home from work to pick up some garage sale sticker labels for her...yeah...NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!

Em is browsing the dollar store aisles looking for an impossibly small and obscure item. A large man approaches, who will now be know as "Creeper". She is wearing a summer dress and strappy black platform sandals.

Creeper: "Nice shoes"

Em: "Umm thanks." (thinking - maybe?)

Creeper: "What size feet do you have?"

Em: (becoming more disturbed and trying to increase the space between herself and the Creeper) "An 8 or 8.5 maybe."

Creeper: (displaying shocked surprise) "No way! They look way smaller!"

*Uncomfortable pause for Em...Creeper is seemingly unaffected*

Creeper: "Can I touch them? I used to be a physical therapist."

Em: (!!!!!!! Was that before or after you were arrested for molesting people's feet??? !!!!) "NO!"

*Em beats a hasty retreat from the Creeper and dollar store, never to return again*


  1. !!!!! Way to get away from that situation my friend... Way WEIRD.

  2. I now have a new rule: no more shopping at dollar stores and no more eye contact with people. EVER!

  3. O.
    that is unbelIEvably disturbing and disgusting is that his version of a pick-up line???
    ughhhh and i thought warsaw owen's creepers were bad!!
    poor em!! :( :( i will drive to MD and beat him down!

  4. I think I will wear combat boots from now on with my summer dresses. That will shield my feet from would-be creepers and provide me with a weapon when would-be creepers decided to hit on me and my feet despite them being encased in giant heavy boots!

    WTF indeed.

  5. HORRIFYING!!!!!!

  6. Creepy! Did you even get the stickers?

  7. Yes, I managed to grab the stickers and run to the checkout counter relatively unscathed (although mentally I was bathing in Clorox)