Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lovin on the Family...

God has been teaching me so much lately, specifically the importance of family. I admit, I often took my family members for granted when I had frequent access to them growing up - but after moving away for college and coming back to Maryland last summer, I really have been loving and valuing those rare family moments.

Being close to my sisters is so important to me. I loved living with Kate, Andrew and the kids and still plan on seeing them a few times a month now that I live about 2 hours away on the Eastern Shore. I mean seriously, how could you stay away from these kids?!

At the same time, I really miss the times I spent with my younger sister, Molly, who lived with me out in Indiana. I've lost track of the number of times we made each other laugh so hard bodily fluids were involved. The crazy road trips, wars against bugs and spiders, horrifying apartment discoveries (the giant mutant amoeba/silverfish thing in the tub?!?!) and just those times of kicking back, relaxing, eating great food and watching stupid reality tv together (Bret Michaels choosing which skank to date out of a tour bus for example!) We had great times together and really were able to re-friend each other as adults. I can't wait for her to move out here this year!

God has also blessed me with a whole new family - my awesome future in laws! I am incredibly blessed to be a part of such a fun and welcoming family. I have 2 new brothers and 2 new sisters, not to mention the multiple nieces and nephews that come along with AND an extra set of parents I get along with - who could ask for anything more? I feel like my family has doubled and we have so much fun together. Right now I'm on vacation with most of them (sadly without Adam, Christina, Baby J and Thatcher) out in VA and its just so comfortable and homey...something I didn't get to feel often out in Indiana.

So I'm thankful for my patched together bizarre family of awesomeness - love you guys!

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  1. crazy silverfish thing. Is that the time that Molly and I woke you up, as we were screaming about the thing in the tub? That was so horrifying and funny. You response was priceless :).