Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Saturday, March 12, 2011

His Grace Is Enough

"Great is Your faithfulness oh God
You wrestle with the sinner's heart
You lead us by still waters in to mercy
And nothing can keep us apart

So remember Your people
Remember Your children
Remember Your promise
Oh God

Your grace is enough
Your grace is enough
Your grace is enough for me"

I absolutely adore this song by Chris Tomlin - it has been one I hang onto and let flow through my brain lately to remind me to keep the right attitude about Aaron's job and our living depend on God because His grace IS enough for us. I have found it to be a really great way of pulling my focus back to how God has been providing for us, rather than focusing on what I wish we had.

God has answered a HUGE prayer for us as of yesterday...Aaron has been out of full-time work since May of last year and its no secret we've been struggling. Thankfully we have had a place to live in my fabulous in-law's house, but trying to make it on my salary and him working 1 or 2 shifts a month has been a monthly struggle.

A few months ago I posted about the blessings we've seen come into our life since we started tithing (giving financially to our church). While we haven't have much, we've been giving 10% of our income to God first and He has blessed that. Each month we've somehow had the "extra" money to give and then yesterday the biggest blessing of all came along...Aaron got hired on to a full time position!

About a month ago we ran into one of Aaron's friends he used to work with at the hospital before they both got laid off last May. She had found a job at an immediate care center in Salisbury and mentioned if anything opened up there she'd give them his name...and guess what? Someone put in their 2 week notice unexpectedly and the owners were looking for a replacement immediately...and had Aaron come in for an interview immediately -hiring him on the spot! He will be working a guaranteed 38-40 hours a week (4 days of 10-hour shifts), which also allows him to work the occasional 12-hour overnight shift at the hospital when he wants to make a little more money. He also has paid vacation, health insurance benefits and a 401k...put simply, it's a "real live job"!

When he told me yesterday that he got the job and was starting on Monday, it was all I could do not to burst into tears...tears of relief, of thanks and of joy. The excitement of looking into the future and knowing we won't have to struggle paycheck to paycheck anymore...that we'll be able to give more generously each month to our church and that God orchestrated all of this to teach us that He can be trusted to provide our every need if we will only let go and let Him.

Thank you for all of your prayers, kind words of support, hugs and tears over these months of struggle - we couldn't have made it without you all and God's grace!

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