Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Friday, August 31, 2012

What's In A Name?

So Baby Knives is almost 11 weeks old and already has a myriad of nicknames.  The reigning favorite lately is "Bug".  The other day, her daddy actually stopped and asked me why I started calling her that and I had to stop and I thought I'd catalog the many names of Baby Knives:

- Baby Knives
- Fiona (her actual first name)
- Fi
- Snuggle Bug (the origin of the next name)
- Bug
- Babybug
- Babygirl
- "my little poopy" (in Spanish - but I can't quite figure out how to spell it)

That last one tends to surface on the days when her daddy has to clean up one of those epic dirty diapers only parents of infants understand!

And here she is, the subject of so many of my latest blog posts...hanging with her best friend the little turtle (who we've aptly named Yertle - thanks to Dr. Seuss) and having a true meeting of the minds.

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  1. :D I have thought of writing out the list of all the names we call our son that have absulotely nothing to do with his name haha! Bub is the most popular, as both Josh & I call him that pretty much exclusively (sometimes I wonder if he will think his name is actually Bub haha), though the weirdest was when I caught myself calling him "Wim" or "Bim" or even "Lil Wim Bim." Josh was like umm, where in the *world* did those come from?? & I had to think about it, but then we remembered that's what T would say allllll the time when he was about 4 mos old! He'd lay on the floor going, "wim bim bim!" & when he was upset, he'd yell it! So funny :p. I love it! & I love that you call her Bug!! That is SO cute!!