Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Disingenuous Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Ok, not really, since Halloween isn't until Thursday...and I don't really feel genuine wishing anyone a happy Halloween because it is my least favorite holiday, but I have a daughter now, so I have to fake my excitement over the holiday!

At least she's still young enough not to be into the creepy/gross/scary/potentially slutty parts of the "holiday", right?  16 months is a little young for me to be worried about these costumes, right?  I think we have a few more years of Disney princess and fairy costumes before we morph into the horrors of those!

One of the parental perks (as I'm sure all you parents of toddlers know) comes at Halloween, where we get to eat our kid's trick-or-treating candy!  Call me crazy but I'm not letting our 16 month old chow down on a bag full of almond joys, sweetarts and bubblegum.  Now, just so you don't think we're horrible people, I'll let you know that we took our supercute kangaroo out for ice cream after trick-or-treating so she wasn't totally robbed of a sugar buzz.

Our local zoo does some cool Halloween events and the one we took Baby Knives to was their "non-scary" Halloween trick-or-treating afternoon.  We got to walk all through the zoo and get candy from different stations set up throughout the park, there were free games and ones you could play using purchased tickets, it was pretty cute!  I think she'll enjoy it a little more next year, since she's a little young for most of the games now, but it was nice to get her out in her little costume and who doesn't love free candy?

And with that, I begrudgingly wish you a happy Halloween!

Patiently waiting for her promised post-trick-or-treating ice cream

Cutest kangaroo EVER!

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