Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy 30th PA-Style

Well, it's happened...I turned 30 this weekend and the world kept on turning.  Honestly, I wasn't freaking out too much over the whole turning 30 thing, due largely to the fact that half the time I feel like I'm still playing at being an adult.  Also, we planned a long weekend trip up to Lancaster, PA in celebration of my birthday!

For those of you who don't know, I would say about 70% of our friends and a decent chunk of our family lives in the Lancaster area.  It is our home away from home and we hope to make it our actual full-time home within the next few years.  We hadn't been able to make a trip since I was just barely pregnant with Baby Knives (who is now 15 months old), so we were missing a lot of fantastic people.

We were able to shift some work scheduling around and spend Fri-Mon with friends and family.  It was an amazing trip.  Honestly, the perfect blend of relaxation and scheduled stuff to do.  My husband got to play a gig with his brother's band (The Pig Merchants, check them out!), we had a laid back lunchtime celebration with a bunch of our friends and everyone's kids on Saturday and got to spend Sunday evening with one of my favorite families on the planet, my former youth pastor and his family, who are basically an extension of my own family.  It was a great balance of time spent with friends and our family.

Baby Knives got to spend a lot of time with 3 of her cousins (ages 4 1/2, 3 and 15 months) and had a blast running around, chewing on everything and trying to learn how to climb up the stairs.  She was a champ traveling, did really well in the car and even took a snooze on the way there (this is unheard of for her!).  Buying that travel DVD player for the car was by far the best purchase we've ever made!  She napped pretty well and slept all night in a pack n' play, so most of my travel concerns with her were proved to be moot.  Love that :).

It was so hard saying goodbye and heading home yesterday.  Hopefully we can make another similar trip in the spring!

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