Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Being Haunted by the Ghosts of Christmas Phlegm

Despite recent events (and the incriminating photo of my bedside table riddled with pharmacological supplies), I stubbornly maintain I am not a pathetic, feeble, ill person! Apparently the spirit of such person is haunting my sinus cavities and wreaking havoc. I count it as a triumph that I was able to make it through a full 8 hour work day today (the first time this week!)

I believe part of what got me through was counting the number of pitying glances I received every time I blew my nose or rattled my clavicles with a cough. The total number? 32 fantastically shocked glances from my rockin co-workers...glances tinged with pity and a barely restrained urge to back away and douse themselves with hand santizer.

Of course the combination of Dr. Pepper, Cold Meds and a Cough Suppressant (which did NOT suppress!) also helped.

I am off to take my Rudoph-esque nose and crackling lungs to bed...I got a ton of "Mad Men" from Netflix and can't wait to get into a new series. I hope it doesn't suck, otherwise it's back to re-watching Gilmore Girls for the flobbity-jillionth time.

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