Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bane of my Existence


Those severely creepy blankets with arms.

The abomination that are "snuggies".


THOSE things are the bane of my existence.

It used to be that I just thought they were stupid and creepy and the commercials were ridiculous. The advertisements would show people apparently so dense they couldn't figure out how to change the TV channel or answer the phone with a throw blanket on their people needed a flannel robe you could wear backwards!

So how did Snuggies rocket to the level of "bane of my existence"? My brother-in-law to be, Adam, who oh-so-thoughtfully decided to give my fiance a Snuggie after finding out how much they creep me out.

And not only a Snuggie...a ZEBRA PRINT SNUGGIE! My hatred of Snuggies and animal prints all wrapped up in one conveniently creepy package.

Dear Adam: Congratulations! In giving Aaron this gift you have just ensured that we will only ever get your children fantastically annoyingly loud toys for the rest of our lives.
Love, Your Future Sister-In-Law


  1. cute babes! ~aaron~

  2. Andy just got me a snuggie as a surprise the other day!!! It's not a cool zebra print one but it does say weezer across the front and came with the latest weezer cd!

  3. Em,

    We love the picture! Thanks for the blog info.
    Congrats to you and Aaron!

    seth and aubrey

  4. LOL, funny blog!
    OMG a weezer snuggie!!! I would KILL for that!!!