Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Epcot's Food & Wine Festival - Best Honeymoon Ever!

So we just happened to be honeymooning at Disney during Epcot's annual Food & Wine luck ever! We had a fabulous time at Epcot, it might be my favorite of the "parks"...definitely gave us an opportunity to sample some delicious food.

For lunch we decided on sushi, and it was absolutely perfect.

For appetizers I went for their unique spin on Tuna Tartare, which was crusted in sesame seeds and lightly tempura fried in a ball. Aaron jumped on the eel sushi...both were extremely yummy!

We also enjoyed the best iced green tea either of us has ever had - even if it was seriously super-bright green!

Then the entrees came...we both ordered a chef's choice Sushi & Tempura Platter so we could sample as much as possible, then finished up the meal with a delicious Green Tea Pudding.

We spent some time shopping in the Japan section of Epcot and had way too much fun with the variety of Pocky options...there was an entire wall of it! Endless Pocky...could there be anything better?

GIANT Pocky!

Yay...namebrand Pocky!

Booooo - "Lucky" offbrand Pocky!

Ok - we spent the day wandering through Epcot, sampling yummy goodness and enjoying the handful of rides and checking out all the different "countries". We decided on Moroccan food for dinner and we weren't disappointed! I've never really eaten Moroccan food before and only recently have gotten into some Middle Eastern cooking at home, so it was an amazing (and delicious!) experience.

The food was only part of it, the decor was incredible and there were belly dancers and musicians scattered throughout the restaurant! We decided to get the Mussels Casablanca for an appetizer - mussels served with capers and tomatoes in a light saffron cream was amazingly delicious. Decadent and light all at the same time - we couldn't stop eating! Plus their fresh mint iced tea was the perfect complement to our meal.

We both decided on the lamb. Aaron went with their Lamb with Couscous and I decided on the Roast Lamb Meshoui, which was a roasted lamb shank served with roasted eggplant. The spices were aromatic and a little smoky and the lamb was cooked perfectly medium rare. Definitely a treat!

We really didn't have room for dessert, but thanks to the pre-purchased dining plan, it was included! So Aaron went with the assortment of baklava and I had to try the bastilla - crispy leaves of pastry with vanilla creme and sprinkled with cinnamon and almonds. Yum! Good thing we had plenty of time to walk off dinner before we settled in to watch "Illuminations" at Epcot - an absolutely gorgeous fireworks and laser show...what a fabulous day!

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