Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Knives Update

Somehow our little girl is already almost 3 weeks old (as of Monday), how did that happen?  It's amazing how much daily life has changed without us noticing too much.  It's only when I stop and think that my life hasn't always revolved around feeding a baby every 3 hours and hoping her diaper yields the results we want without exploding that I feel a little overwhelmed at how much has changed.

Overall, we've been blessed with a pretty easy baby so far (knock on wood!), who only really fusses when she's hungry or needs a diaper change.  She is not a huge fan of her crib thus far, but will conk out for 3 hour stretches in her swing so score!  If anyone has any advice on how to eventually transfer a baby from a swing or bouncy seat into a crib, let me know...she'll eventually outgrow her little swing and we don't want to be screwed at that point.  For now we're investing in C batteries, I wish baby swings had adapters, it would save us a ton of money!

These days Baby Knives' favorite things are eating, sleeping in her swing and using up an extraordinary amount of diapers...thank you to everyone who gave us diapers as a gift!  She's a really snuggly little thing and I think once she's a little bigger she'll be happier sleeping on her stomach.  She's back up over her birth weight and we've been informed by her pediatrician that she's in the 95th percentile for height, weight, head size and awesomeness.  She's already trying to hold her head up by herself - yep, talk about advanced!

I start working again on Monday, thankfully my job allows me to work from home and I have the best boss ever (do I get brownie points for that...only if he reads this I guess!), so I'm hoping it'll be a pretty seamless transition working with Baby Knives hanging out with me all day.

In other news, our cutie of a niece, Layla, was born only a few weeks before Baby Knives and is now a month old - time is flying and I can't wait to get these two cousins together!


  1. Hello Em, I'm a friend of Aubrey's who just happened to peek at your blog. I have friends and family that kept their baby's sleeping in swings till 8 or 9 months because it was the only thing that worked for them. My kid always hated the swing, so I don't have any good advice on making the transfer (although we did have a pack n play with a vibrating pad that seemed to help her sleep in the beginning), but - I've never heard of a baby swing without an adapter! In fact, I didn't even know you could put batteries in them! You might want to look into that if you guys are spending a bundle on batteries! Good luck! Your daughter is adorable :)

  2. Thanks - it's good to know other parents have solved the sleeping problem with their little ones by using a swing! I'll have to look more closely, since the swing was secondhand, maybe there's an adapter we could buy for it separately...glad you took a look at my blog - hope you enjoy reading it from time to time!