Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Friday, October 26, 2012

More Than An Animated Burpcloth

Sometimes you just need to be reminded that you're more than a spit-up covered baby wrangler.  Last night my husband and I got to celebrate our 2 year anniversary by actually going out on a real-life date the way we used to during pre-Baby Knives days...his parents even kept her overnight so we got to SLEEP for a whole 8+ hours uninterrupted.  Absolutely amazing.

We went up to Annapolis to one of our favorite venues, Ram's Head Tavern, to see Jackie Greene perform live.  He's not just a fantastic bluegrass folk rocker, but we saw him back in 2008 on what I consider our first "unofficial" date in Towson.  I love that we were able to see him again celebrating our second wedding anniversary - it was absolutely perfect!

It was such a wonderful reminder of the person I actually am...I love music, I'm a writer, I can actually enjoy things and not feel dragged down by failed nap schedules.  I need to remember I am that whole person on a regular basis.

Jabe Beyer opened for Jackie and while my husband was really psyched (he had heard his music), I hadn't heard him yet and wasn't sure what to expect.  He was amazing.  I'm completely in love with his songs "Louise" and "Pour That Wine".  Check him out!

And of course I couldn't wrap up a post about the show without actually posting music by Jackie of my favorites of his: "Ball and Chain" 

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