Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Monday, January 18, 2010

Biggest News of Late

Coming down the end of a whirlwind weekend I thought I'd take a moment to regroup and of course post a new update...

The biggest news (of course) is that Aaron and I are now engaged...he proposed on Friday night and I was completely surprised! So for all of you who have been asking for the "story", here it is:

I was just kicking back at Aaron's watching TV while he was working out and taking a shower (usual Friday night thing since he gets off work after I get to his house). So when he was done he came back in the room, sat down at the computer and started playing after a few minutes he said, "hey I found this new band, come over and listen to this song." He does this kind of thing all the time, so I didn't think anything of it and headed over to the computer to sit down and check out some new music.

So about 5-10 seconds into the song I started thinking, "this sounds like his voice..." and I turned to him and said, "did you record a new song?" and then he actually "shhhhh'd" me! and told me to keep listening. So I did...and then the chorus of the song came on and said:

And so I sat down with my six string
To write you this song
To give you this ring

(this was the part where my eyes popped out of my head and I turned to look at him)

To ask you to be my wife

(this is the part where I saw him down on one knee with the ring box open)

Then I started crying, hugging him and about 5 minutes later finally said "Yes" and remembered there was a ring! It was a fantastic proposal, completely perfect and I love the ring:

It's my Grandma's (Mom's mother) diamond set in a white gold semi-beveled band with an orchid etched on either side. Orchids are my favorite flowers and the setting is so gorgeous, I love it!

Ok, so there's the official story. I'll post something not so gooshy/wedding-y later this week, hope you all are rockin the 3 day weekend!

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