Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Wonder of Mail

Nothing can cheer me up more than a "good mail" day. They are so rare for me, as most days include piles of student loan statements (why do they not understand what PAPERLESS billing is?), credit card offers (like I would get approved for 99.9% of them anyway) and let us not forget random local advertisements and flyers for fantastically useful things like exterminators.

Yet today was most definitely a good mail day.

I got only two things...

1. The book I ordered from 2. Brides magazine...which includes a teaser cover headline that says, "72 things you need to know NOW...and no one else will tell you". Wow, I can only imagine what that article will include. I also love that it is right next to the headline that says, "Four great gowns that take off the pounds!" Rhyming and corset-style gowns that you can't sit down in? Who could ask for anything more?

The only thing that would have made today's mail better would be receiving a) money b) a new Netflix movie or c) unexpected presents. So all in all I'm pretty happy. At least I can go unharassed by student loan lenders and credit card companies so desperate for business they are coming after me for one day.

PS - I saw this on my friend Lauren's Blog...I'm a wolf. What are you?


  1. You should have included your address so that if anyone thinks "I want to make Em's day a good mail day" then they can do that :-)

  2. True, but then it also gives any creepy stalker-esque people my home address!