Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Roof

Nov. 16 - Today I am thankful, literally, for the roof over our heads.  When we first got married, Aaron had lost his job and we were living with his parents.  Ironically, the separate upstairs area we lived in is bigger than our apartment is now!  I loved living with them, we all got along so well and it was nice to have other people in the house when Aaron was working third shifts. 

Still, we planned for the day when he got a full time job again and we could move out into our own space.  That happened almost a year after we moved into the upstairs of his parent's house and we were able to move into our current 2 bedroom apartment.  I think my favorite thing about this place is that it has 1.5 bathrooms!

Of course when we moved we weren't expecting Baby Knives to appear on the scene as quickly as she did, but we've adapted and turned our guest room/library into her room/library.  Some days, I admit, I'm frustrated with the small space and would love more room...but then on days like today I am reminded to be thankful for our own little space, as cramped as it does feel sometimes!

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