Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Should I really be complaining or will you all hate me?

Ok, so it wasn't really a new year's it a re-commitment in my constant goal to lead a healthier life, but I have started working out regularly these past few months as well as trying to eat a more balanced diet and watch my portions. Nothing uber-intense, but all in all a healthier way of life. I've lost weight, but to be honest that wasn't really the goal. I was ok with my self-esteem as far as how much I weighed, but was more concerned about being healthy.

So I've lost a chunk (ha ha) of weight, I have about 60 lbs to go to reach my ultimate goal...I started at needing to lose between 70-75 and whether I do reach that 60 lbs lost mark or not is fine, I just want my BMI to be healthy and to have more energy. I don't want to obsess on what the scale tells me, I want to feel good and know that I'm living a healthy life.


I didn't really mean to barf my personal weight loss and health goals out on this blog, but oh well. It feeds directly into my weird blend of annoyance and happiness at the moment.

I have been in desperate need of new business attire for awhile - I've been scrimping by on what I have, but really need to update my closet with more choices rather than constantly adding to my college-level t-shirt collection (although it does ROCK). So knowing what size I am, I started doing some online shopping since I rarely have time during the week to shop like a real person. I found 3 tops I loved and thought would work well for work and could also be dressed down with jeans or capris...

...or so I thought.

They arrived today...and literally HUNG on me! It was shocking to me. I know I've been losing weight - the tape measure and scale rarely lie, but I didn't believe it until I put on a shirt in my old size and realized I could fit a good 20 pounds around my middle under it. The super annoying part of it is of course that I was looking forward to wearing new clothes this week and instead have to return all 3 tops.


But elated?

What can I say, I'm female. Some shopping with the best shopping buddy in the world is on for this lucky am I to have a fiance who loves shopping and actually has fantastic opinions about clothing?

Ok you can all throw things at me now.


  1. I love it! Just have a great time shopping Em. :0) I totally understand that initial shock and mixture of both excitement but also...well crap, now what am I gonna wear? Have a wonderful day with that fantastic fiance of yours.

  2. You are inspiring me!!! i have not noticed tooo much of a change so far, although the scale on the wii balance board tells me i've lost weight.. but i feeel so much better! i have more energy ALL day, and i'm just happier. That is the most important thing, but oh to have my clothes be way too big and practically fall off, that would be awesome!! OH and then go shopping for new clothes!! i cant wait! Have a blast! :)