Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Forgiveness and the Something of a Lighter Fare...

One of the things I've had a hard time with since I was a little kid is forgiveness. Forgiving others, forgiving myself and moving on...not so easy for me! As I've gotten older I'd like to say it's gotten easier...but that would mostly be a lie...mostly!

I find it the most difficult to forgive others for hurting those I love. Nevermind how someone hurts me, its when they hurt the ones closest to that I find their actions "unforgivable".

Still, God tells us that we are to forgive those who "sin against us", and I assume those who sin against the ones we love are a part of that grouping...sigh...why can't forgiveness come easier to me?

Something to mull over obsessively for awhile until God reveals yet another one of my fabulous "flaws" to me...

In other (and decidedly more upbeat) news: Mom is in town...woohooo! I haven't seen her since Christmas and it's so great to have her around for two whole weeks. During this visit she's having a great time bonding with her brand new granddaughter AND we get to do some fantastic wedding try on dresses this weekend! I can't wait - I finally feel 100% like myself again and I can actually be excited about all the awesome stuff we get to do to get ready for the upcoming wedding.

Any suggestions on wedding dress styles? I was thinking of one like this:


  1. Forgiveness... sometimes it's so hard to do.. but it is so liberating.. i struggle with it as well..

    oh that dress is just perrrrfect!! lol!
    ok, well i am not sure where you will be looking and what your price range is.. but, i found the dress cut and the designer that i loved in a store and then found my dream dress online for $700 less than the store was asking (and my dress was MUCH prettier). It was made by maggie sottero. It was kinda risky i guess.. but i just knew that it was "the dress" when i saw it online. you are going to have so much fun!! and you will look beautiful in whatever you choose!

  2. if you buy that exact dress, i would consider coming home for the wedding.

  3. sounds like a fair exchange to me Abbie!

  4. I feel EXACTLY the same way about people hurting my loved ones.
    love the dress.
    gina rohrer. hah, remember?.....back in the day?.......when we were fb IMing?....and I said "if you marry 'him' we will have the same last name"? hah.

  5. YAY! I do remember :)
    Hooray for being "Rohrers"