Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Narcissit Much?

Some of my fellow bloggers are updating their “100 Things Lists” and this sounded like a great idea to me, until I realized I'd never actually gotten around to doing one before. So, this is not an update. This is the first time I’ve done anything this self-centered. Feel free to comment, mock and hopefully laugh!

1. I was born on September 29, 1983.
2. I have GREEN eyes and get irrationally annoyed when people assume they are blue. They are not!
3. I have (what some would say is an irrational) fear of vampires. They are not sexy, they are not your friends (hopefully), they are in fact scary as hell.
4. I’m the middle kid of a fantastic family of 3 sisters
5. Some days I think I am slightly psychic
6. I was raised in a suburb of Washington DC, but for some bizarre reason decided to leave and live in Podunkville, Indiana for 8 years...the insanity ebbed and I’m back now
7. I despair that my state has a horrible baseball team that hasn’t had a winning season since 1997
8. Due to the above fact I am now a Red Sox fan
9. While growing up my Mom taught us a butt-load (I’m sure she’d love the adjective) of old hymns. I still remember most of them when they occasionally pop up in church
10. I am a European mutt – parts Irish, Scottish, British, French, Welsh, etc. etc...but most days I look Irish/Scottish
12. I am easily frustrated by adults who act like children.
13. I tend to have near-infinite patience with children under the age of 12
14. I used to worry that I needed my friends more than they really needed me
15. I hate sharing
16. I love babies but don’t want my own yet
17. Compromising makes my stomach ache
18. I sometimes wonder if I’m ready to be a grown up yet and if anyone else I know is either
19. I can’t stand when others try to guilt me into an obligation
20. There are about 5 people in the known universe who could successfully guilt me into an obligation
21. I firmly believe that God is real, alive and active in my life and others here on earth
22. I am a reading addict.
23. I will read anything and plan to encourage my future offspring to do the same
24. If I said 75% of what I think in any given day I would probably be arrested/ostracized/smacked in the face
25. I am 100% convinced that cars hate me, even though I do nothing but love them

26. High schoolers give me hives
27. I miss eating oranges (they would kill me – I’m that allergic)
28. Occasionally I dream about oranges
29. I have an undergrad degree in journalism, but have done diddly squat in that field

30. Breaking my own stereotypes about my personality, likes and dislikes has been really fun lately
31. I am horrified that they now make footwear for adults that lights up when you walk
32. Dentists, no matter how friendly they seem will always be the villains in my story
33. I desperately want my name to appear in the “Authored by” context again
34. I suck at motivating myself to work on my second novel
35. I am annoyed at having to brush my teeth twice a day
36. I found the love of my life in my best friend Aaron
37. I don’t know how I could ever find a way to function without him
38. He is ever-patient and amazing, putting up with my own special brand of crazy every single day

39. Secretly I think that no other couple is as awesome at being together as we are
40. Apparently it is now no longer a secret
41. I worry about someday contracting the icky health conditions others in my family history have been afflicted with
42. Lately I find myself wondering if I should go back to being a strawberry blonde
43. The concept of a support group is encouraging, in actuality I think they would drive me nuts
44. I could never be a vegetarian
45. My brother-in-law cooks a mean steak
46. My older sister, Kate, is a chronic baker and is amazingly gifted at baking tasty things on a near-daily basis
47. If I could have dinner with an author it would be Jen Lancaster
48. I don’t care if it seems shallow, she is amazing and we would laugh so hard I would probably pee
49. Being pretentious doesn’t suit me
50. Uppity people make me want to kick them in the shins
51. Sushi is the most amazing food on the planet
52. I will pretty much try any kind of food at least once
53. This view toward food is vastly different than the one I had when I was a child
54. I once went through a phase where I refused to eat anything I hadn’t already tried
55. My mother attempted to explain that if I ate that way I would never eat anything
56. I did not waiver
57. At least for a week or two
58. I like saying the word “umami”
59. Which oddly sounds like a type of sushi or like someone is mispronouncing “edamame”
60. Fresh flowers are one of my favorite things in the world
61. I can still get a sunburn in the shade while wearing SPF 50

62. Stupid pale European genes
63. My favorite grown-up drink is Bacardi and Coke
64. How grown-up can it be if it has soda involved?

65. I could drink (and have!) fresh-squeezed lemonade by the gallon
66. I have a short attention span, so most of my obsessions/fixations are short-lived.
67. Most of my obsessions are based in pop culture, movies or tv shows
68. The first one I remember is being obsessed with Swiss Family Robinson (the lame Disney movie adaptation)
69. I insisted on watching it every day
70. I still apologize for putting my family through that horror
71. I do not like Gone With The Wind
72. It kind of rambled and in general didn’t hold my interest
73. I love to cook but wonder if I’ll still love it when I have to do it every single day
74. I am the most un-crafty person you’ll ever meet
75. I don’t mean I’m not sneaky...I am totally sneaky
76. I mean in the making things “crafty” sense of the word I am a craft loser
77. I break things and have no patience for tiny details
78. Scrapbooking gives me hives (see above #26 for something else hive-related)
79. I never take meds so I’m always freaked that I’ll get hooked on Claratin, Benadryl or Ibuprofen
80. I’m outrageously claustrophobic
81. This causes me to be terrified of elevators
82. They are like coffins
83. I decided to try to conquer my fear 2 Thanksgivings ago and took the elevator to the top of the Sears Tower

84. This was super-dumb
85. I got all light headed and tingly shrieking inside my head until I got to the top, fell out onto the floor and proceeded to gasp for air while leaning against my good friend Ruthie
86. I don’t like spinach

87. When it is fresh it squeaks against my teeth in an ungodly manner
88. When it is cooked it tastes and has the consistence of a wet gym sock
89. I have an uncanny memory for song lyrics and movie dialog
90. I am a walking wikipedia of “match that person’s face to their name and tell me what movies they’ve been in” – Aaron is always in awe of this mad skill
91. My favorite color is green. Like my eyes (see above #2)
92. I am attracted to scruffy-faced men (hence my Aaron)
93. I don't generally get along well with other women, which I attribute to wanting to leave highschool crap behind and not wanting to participate in verbal diarrhea and backstabbing
94. On the other hand I’ve found many fantastic women who have become dear friends. We verbally backstab those described in #93 so it all evens out
95. I love the taste of sage
96. I think it goes best with turkey
97. I actually love doing and folding laundry – but bottom fitted sheets are a nightmare – how do you fold those damn things?
98. I despise camping and most vigorous outdoor activities
99. This does not make me a bad person. In fact it makes me a smart person.
100. I’m pretty sure that posting this blog proclaims to the world that I am a narcissist.


  1. come here. indonesia could cure you pretty quickly of 13 and 26. and the topic of 51 can be found in plenty. you can buy entire rolls of sushi, never for more than $5. often for $3.

  2. # 97 ~ martha stewart has the fix you need