Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Switchfoot, Laughter and Bernt

So this morning on the way to work I randomly decided to listen to Switchfoot's "Hello Hurricaine" album and about 2 songs in, I started cracking up. See, Switchfoot always reminds me of Bernt. He was my youth pastor in high school and really was so much more than that. He's like a big brother and his wife, Ginger, was always like an extra older sister to me. Without them and their fantastic family I honestly don't know how I would have actually survived those years. I'm so thrilled he's officiating our wedding and wish I had room in the wedding party for Ginger and the girls! Somehow I think 10 bridesmaids might be a bit much...

So why laughter at Switchfoot? Well...throughout my high school and most of my college years, Bernt and I were locked in this constant "discussion" about how I refused to listen to what I would call super-lame Christian music. I constantly maintained that I would give it a shot when he could give me a band that didn't musically and lyrically suck. The ONLY one we could agree on was Switchfoot! And so what band do I still listen to? Yeah...Switchfoot.

So thanks Bernt for constantly badgering me when I was a beligerent teenager to give them a shot, they still are one of my favorite bands and I love that they're still cranking out rockin music.

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