Fiona in January

Fiona in January

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

oh danger...

This weekend I am facing one of my greatest fears and least-favorite shopping excursions...that's right ladies, it's even worse than bra-shopping and more embarrassing than checking out at Target, buying boxes of super plus tampons when there is a young, super-cute cashier boy on the line...

What is this horrible activity?

Bathing. Suit. Shopping.


I am rewarding myself with a pedicure when I finish, otherwise I'll never go and it'll be like last summer when I had to get a new suit and put it off til June and found NOTHING except hysterical laughter while Ruthie and pawed through 4-6 stores looking for suits. Don't get me wrong, the hysterical laughter was enjoyable, but the lack of bathing suit choices royally sucked.


Here we go again...

Hoping I look less like this:

And more like this:

But in reality, I will most likely leave the store(s) looking something akin to this:

Wish me luck!


  1. bahahahahahahahah!!!!!
    ooohhh the hilarity! :D :D
    remember the sternum exibitor?
    and the pushing certain body parts under your armpits one??
    hahahahahha! :D wayyy too much fun!!
    but good luck this time!! i wish i could go!!
    and i love the use of illustrations :D :D
    love you friend <3 <3

  2. ohmygosh that suit that pushed my boobs under my armpits and exposed my entire sternum was amazingly horrible! remember the one that was like a mock-turtleneck nun-suit? HAH!

  3. hahahaha!! yes!! i think the nun suit made me snort laugh into a rack of cardigans!!! ohhhh my gooooossshhh how were there SO many ridiculously horrifying swimsuits in so many different stores all in one day??? :D :D